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Inspiring Design.

Beautiful pieces to add to your home, your life, and your spirit. Whether it’s the one that inspires your design makeover or the finishing touch.

Carefully Curated.

Each piece is meticulously researched and inspected for authenticity, quality, and condition before it is added to our collection.

Respect For Artisans.

Our buyers deal directly with artisans from around the world to bring you the finest authentic textiles and design elements.

Our Story

Kelley and Mustapha formed a partnership based on their passion for the art of Moroccan textile traditions.  They both adore and respect the culture and they hope to help bring this same appreciation into your homes.  Mustapha resides in Morocco and Kelley in the USA.  Together they are able to bring to you the most authentic and sought after pieces.

Kelley's Story

I stumbled upon an image of a Handira and fell head over heals, birds chirping, not eating, not sleeping, in love with Moroccan wedding blankets and Moroccan rugs. I was so in love that I spent 4 months designing and making my own Handira. This was not like me at all. I’m not the least bit crafty! But there I was measuring, sewing, stitching, adorning, and passionately trying my hardest to come even a little bit close to the blankets that I had admired so much.

After hours upon hours of research, which kept leading me down a different fantastic rabbit hole of art and culture, I found my true passion. Maybe it was that I was tired of mass produced, uninteresting “stuff” that I was decorating my house with. Maybe it was that I always had a safe and simple way of decorating and I wanted to change it up.

Maybe my life desperately needed more art and culture. I’m not quite sure what lead me to this, but I am so grateful for this love!

To know that each piece that I curate, has a story, a past, a tradition, a rarity, a uniqueness, and ultimately a soul, brings new meaning to my house.

My ultimate goal is to inspire and spread the joy, love, and appreciation for each of these pieces that I hope will bring the same depth of gratitude that they have brought to me. A connection of cultures. A oneness with each other. An appreciation of tradition and art. I hope that you find something that speaks to your soul! ❤

Kelley Scheel
Ohio, USA
Founder, Loom + Lantern

Mustapha's Story

I have worked all my life with Moroccan textiles, working in my grandfather’s shop in Marrakesh since I was a small child.

Each week I travel with my grandfather into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco to source textiles from the native Berbers. I experience first hand the creation of these authentic pieces as they are made by the local Berber women on their looms and then select the very best and most interesting pieces.

My interest does not lay in making money from textiles but to share these works of art that are the very best in the world.

My hope is that all people can experience the fine handmade work of the local artisans and that I can provide the finest and most authentic Berber textiles to people all over the world. 🌎

Mustapha Azami
Marrakesh, Morocco
Loom + Lantern